Midwife Karen Ingversen

My name is Karen Ingversen and I have been a midwife since 1999.

I offer paintings of your pregnant belly and parent-child pictures as well as events for baby shows.

I have worked at Hvidovre hospital, in the Netherlands, at a maternity clinic and with home birth, so both with home births and hospital births.

In total, I have done more than 700 deliveries, of which more than 200 at home. I also have my own 5 children.

Some also know me from SFA,  Smertefri Fødsel, where I teach.

I have a master’s degree in health sciences and have led the Danish part of the research project “Nordic Homebirth” and researched home births since 2005. Currently. I study psychology at KU, Copenhagen University.

Since 1997 I have worked as a medical artist, where I draw stillborn children as a beautiful memory for their parents. You can contact me via the page here or on +4561 67 80 78