Watercolor painting of your belly

I offer watercolor painting of your beautiful pregnant belly. Usually I paint after a photograph, but in some cases I come to your house and paint you there.

The photograph does not have to be new or completely perfect for a beautiful belly watercolor to come out of it.

You just send me some pictures and we will choose the best that I paint for. I first draw your belly, where you of course also keep any sketches and then apply colors in many layers. You can help decide the color choice. The watercolor can be picked up or send by mail.

If you are posing yourself the actual painting process takes about 2 hours, incl drying time.

All the pictures can be done with or without face – here it is just important to state that I am not a trained portrait painter, so do not expect a photographic resemblance.

The watercolor is made of A 3 or larger. Price 200 EUR