Guidance on fertility treatment abroad FOR FREE

Guidance on fertility treatment abroad – based on own experiences and research, as well as many conversations with pregnant women.

I have received numerous inquiries regarding fertility treatment in Russia and have entered into a partnership with 2 Russian fertility clinics for referral commission, so I have time for these conversations and can offer them for free.

The conversations are most often by text message or telephone and are about the options for fertility treatment until the age of 55, with or without a partner, with your own or donor eggs. We can also discuss “baby guarantee” – an offer where you get your baby within a maximum of 3- 4 treatments or 80% of the money back. We often talk about the emotional and practical aspects of the treatment and you can get help deciphering the explanations in English. The actual treatment and information about your treatment is handled by the clinic of your choice – as I am not a doctor.
See me as a source of information when you / I shop around for the offers to get pregnant very soon.